Architecture & Design

Saga, an architectural studio founded in 1990 by Sergio Attilio Giorgini, became an incorporated company in 2009.

Over the years, Saga has become a leader in the architecture, civil engineering and design industries, developing and managing projects with a global and combined approach based on specialized skills, extensive experience and proven ability to innovate. Aside from being a reference point in Italy and a growing player internationally, Saga is also fully committed to meeting the needs of its clients while keeping high quality standards, no matter the size, complexity or degree of innovation required by the project. Over the years, this approach has allowed the company to build and consolidate sustainable growth trends.

Careful planning in the design phase translates into creativity, but also functionality, sustainability and innovation. Each project is the result of a dynamic approach to architecture, which combines the harmony of the design as a whole, with careful analysis of every detail, research of specific materials and respect for the budgets established by the client.

Saga is also a specialist in interior decoration, urban planning and graphic and industrial design: modern materials and construction techniques, environmental and economic sustainability and a scientific approach to the design of plants, but also to the management of renewable energy.